The "P" Word

All was good at my appointment today – A1C could be better (7.3) but hadn’t changed much since before starting MDI in June (7.1). (Umm, the treadmill is not only dusty but folded up – that will change…)

And, the CDE said that she thinks I’m an excellent person to look at pumping. I had that on my list of questions but she got to it before me. My PCP said the same thing two weeks ago. So, she’s sending a referral as apparently in this practice you have to go to pump classes before deciding on a pump.

I took my Excel sheet, she liked it and was impressed by my carb counting –
(Thank you D-Bloggers!!!).

2 thoughts on “The "P" Word

  1. Woot! Congrats!

    I had to take a class before I chose too. Then I had to take another 3 day class once I received my pump.

    It's all good. It will be a new journey.

    Good luck! 😉

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