Three whole months!

As of today, I am not scheduled to see a physician of any kind for three more months! As I’ve written before, I used to see a doctor probably once a year until my diagnosis a little over four years ago. Now, it seems like my calendar shows some sort of appointment every couple of weeks. The CDE I’m seeing and my ARNP have suggested that I alternate seeing them unless I have a problem. Sounds good to me and I appreciate that they’re working with me and with each other.

Earlier, I sent for the SOLO sample pump. It arrived today and it’s certainly an itty bitty thing. Sounds like it will be awhile before it’s available though and I don’t want to wait. Having never worn a pump, it’s not like I have anything to compare it to, either. I am going to stick it on though as I’m interested in how my skin will react to the adhesive. Hmmm, maybe I should buy some tubing and walk around with it for awhile, just to see how I do?! I’m prepared to change the knobs in our kitchen if necessary – some sort of flat things that won’t grab stuff. I’m famous for getting the pocket of my robe caught on stuff so tubing should be just as fun!

More from this morning’s appointment – BP is now fine with the help of drugs. Thyroid seems stable. Cholesterol was good so no new drugs there. We’re switching one of the espen$ive drugs ($145 copay for 90 days – in June it was $20) to a generic version. (and yay!! no fasting tests until December!!) I will get my flu shot in October. (ummm, that doesn’t count as a doctor’s appt., does it?)

And – tomorrow is Crystal’s birthdayHappy Birthday!

1 thought on “Three whole months!

  1. Woo hoo for less appointments! Glad the CDE and ARNP are working together. Such great news.

    Whoa, tiny little pump. I get caught on door knobs with my robe too. Ha!
    You will do fine, no need to change them.

    Great news on BP, thyroid, cholesterol, cheaper drugs and no fasting tests!

    No, getting a shot does not count. 🙂

    And gosh. Thank you again. You are so very sweet!

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