Packages in the mail!

I’ve started the pump research. It’s a lot of work. Last week I received a sample Solo. I wore it for two days and didn’t have any skin issues so; so far, so good. In fact, I barely felt it. But, it won’t be available until sometime next year so I don’t think I’ll wait. Today I received the OmniPod sample and some information about the Animas Ping. I’ve been googling my life away at the computer finding out what real people have to say about the various pumps. I haven’t contacted Minimed yet, but will. I’ve ordered John Walsh’s “Pumping Insulin” but since I used the free postage, it won’t get here until next week.

I have my first pre-pump appointment next week. The group meeting with pump reps, etc… isn’t until mid November. That was the earliest one I could go to. I love living in the boonies but sometimes it’s exasperating.

Still on my list is finding out what insurance will cover/not cover.

3 thoughts on “Packages in the mail!

  1. Very exciting!! I remember how scared I was to start pumping, but I've loved it from the start. If you have any questions at all, feel free to email me!!

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