Caller ID & the ADA

We have Caller ID for a reason and recently it has more than paid for itself with calls from the ADA. I’ll give them credit, the number shows up along with “ADA.” The first calls have come as early as 8:15 AM – yes, in the morning and there’s usually one more in the afternoon. I did the usual Google search and found all sorts of people who are angry about the calls. I then went to the American Diabetes Association site, got their number in Alexandria, VA and called them last week. A very nice lady spoke w/ me, apologized, promised to remove our number from the list and said it can take up to 48 hours. They called again this morning.

Another annoying caller is apparently the American Cancer Society. That number is not identified with a name but – after Googling it, it’s apparently the ACS calling to ask you to solicit your neighbors for contributions. I did the “Making Strides” walk two years ago so…

We’re on the “Do Not Call” list and I know it doesn’t work when you have a “relationship” with a company or organization. But, the multiple, daily calls are annoying and convincing me that I don’t want MY donations spent on telemarketing.

Our son’s friend is doing the JDRF walk in Kansas City on October 10. He’s had Diabetes since age 4 and this is his first fundraising attempt. He’s now 30, the father of two daughters and husband to a lovely young lady. We donated (happily!) but I’m really hoping we don’t end up on a call list for JDRF.

I have a table top full of insulin pump information! I see a different diabetes educator this week for my first pre-pump class. I don’t have a clue what goes on at this meeting. I’m surprised as I haven’t been asked to bring any logs, etc… Granted, my CDE at the Endo’s office has my last info from my appointment a few weeks ago. I’ll be bringing this week’s log anyway. Making myself log has been enlightening. (In addition to being a pain in the butt…) I’m reading John Walsh’s Pumping Insulin and learning even more not just about pumping but about how insulin works. The regional reps from Omnipod and Medtronic have both contacted me via email and phone. I haven’t made a choice yet but – – – right now I’m leaning toward the Animas. All advice/comments would be deeply appreciated.

4 thoughts on “Caller ID & the ADA

  1. Yeah, I hate the annoying telemarketing calls. I also still get mail from the ADA for my grandmother, who died 11 years ago (!)

    I'm doing the JDRF walk in Lisle, IL next Sunday. Not looking forward to the 50+ emails/mailings I'm gonna get in the next year, but…oh well.

    Good luck pumping!

  2. Telemarketing….ahhhh, no worries here. Between Skype and a cell, they can't find me. 😉 Ha.

    Good luck with the pump. It really is a personal choice. I've only known Animas and I love their customer service.

    I think the class will help. Keep in touch with the reps, try out as much as you can.

  3. Argh. Darn telemarketers. My mom donates to JDF and has considered stopping because of the number of phone calls that she gets.

    Good luck with the pump decision. I have a Cozmo, and I can't tell you to get that because it's no longer available. I can tell you that my Cozmo has 2 years of warranty left, but if I had to switch today it would be to the Animas. I like the tubeless, but don't think that they're quite up to snuff yet.

  4. We so need caller ID. I think after several times of telling them DO NOT CALL, the ADA stopped calling…after I stopped donating. 😉

    We get no calls and almost no mail (knock on wood) for Joslin, Komen Foundation, or the American Heart Association – but that's it…

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