Where are you from?

When George proclaimed October 1st as “NO D DAY,” I smiled and thought, “What a great idea!”

But now, I wish I could come up with… a great idea of something!? to write about.

Growing up as an Army Brat was a wonderful experience and sometimes a difficult experience. For the most part, I loved it. Best part, you could almost remake yourself every time you moved to a new school. Worst part, not having long time friends you could depend on. Best part, wonderful adventures in different places. Worst part, never living close to family. I give my parents so much credit for making our lives so very special, no matter where we lived.

So, to give you an idea of “where I’m from,” here’s the list:

* Chelsea, Massachusetts
* West Point, New York
* Ft. Sill, Oklahoma
* Attleboro, Massachusetts (Dad in Korea)
* Kyoto, Japan
* Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas
* Alexandria, Virginia
* Yateley Village, Hampshire, England
* Montgomery, Alabama
* Selfridge AFB, Michigan
* Alexandria, Virginia
(College – Radford, Virginia)
* Wilmington, Ohio
* Apple Valley, Minnesota
* Ft. Hancock, New Jersey
* Quarry Heights, Panama Canal Zone
(Married w/ children)
* Richmond, Virginia
* Overland Park, Kansas
* Meredith, New Hampshire

5 Elementary Schools
3 High Schools
1 College

Whew! As a wonderful friend of my parents liked to say, “It’s an experience!”

This will be the first time I’ve prepared a post ahead of time. Hope I do it correctly! If it ends up posting the night before, well, I tried…

Some photos from my past!

Wow!! I just found “post options” and can put tomorrow’s date there. I didn’t know that!

2 thoughts on “Where are you from?

  1. Woo hoo!! 😉 Hooray for preparing ahead.

    Great pictures.
    What a list of places you have lived. Wow. Definitely sounds like an experience like no other.

    Thanks for sharing.

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