Pre-Pump Update

Hi all!

I had my first pre-pump appointment yesterday. Nice gal in the Diabetes Education offices met with both of us. Yes, M came too!

I had my bag with – logs, test records and brochures I’ve received from Animas, Medtronic, Insulet and even the Solo info. (Thank you Diabetes OC)

This is going to be a long, involved process. I’m torn. I’m glad they take the time to educate people like me. I’m not happy that it’s going to take awhile. They only offer the classes once a month, so that’s part of the problem. Plus, it’s an hour away – means lots of time away from work and asking my wonderful volunteers to be at the office for me.

I am going to go ahead and start the purchasing part and it’s going to be the Animas – depending on what I hear from my insurance company.

She did ask where I purchased the program I’m using for logging. It’s Kevin’s and I had to tell her it’s not for sale and I couldn’t give it to her. She was quite impressed with the printouts.
We were able to see/touch/push buttons on the Minimed and Animas. (Thank you Diabetes OC)

I have to attend two group appointments. One is advanced carbohydrate counting and the other is pump safety. I have one more appointment with the educator.

When I start the pump, they begin w/ saline for 3-4 days, then insulin.

Once I start the insulin, I will get a pager number for a week to reach one of the educators, day or night for 7 days.

I get to skip a class! She saw no reason for me to attend the pump information class. (Thank you Diabetes OC) She also told us that she has people come in who don’t even know what a pump is but think they want to start on one…

It has been raining all day! We have DirecTV and lost it for awhile during the downpours. Not good when the husband is watching college football!

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  1. I got your email on Friday, but my boyfriends internet was down all weekend so I couldn't write back. I wear the Minimed. LOVE it. Let me know if you have specific questions.

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