Home Alone

I’m home alone – first time since starting insulin. No big deal, right? I have had some lows but nothing too drastic – I think I am still undercompensating for my carbs. BG’s were weird today but came home from work at 105, so not bad. An hour later, I’m thinking that the temperature must have really dropped as I’m shivering. I put a sweater on and then the lightbulb goes on, so I test – 59. I overcompensated and ate/drank 30 carbs. A half hour later it’s at 78. Good job – well, I drank another small glass (honest) of oj and one hour after that it’s 239. I will learn, soon, I hope!

I have some chicken soup (homemade/leftover) heating on the stove so I’ll eat that in awhile and hope that the rest of the evening goes better.

M has gone to Kansas City. He’ll meet up w/ both of our sons, see old friends, and go to the Chiefs game. My plan is to shovel out some of the stuff we have accumulated. I have a whole bunch of clothes that don’t fit (I lost weight at the beginning of this diabetes stuff), books that we won’t read again are piling up, and stuff. It’s time to attack, especially after watching the “hoarders” on Oprah this afternoon. I also plan to reactivate our gym membership and start all over.

Our office is closed on Monday, I don’t work on Fridays so I have FOUR whole days! No excuses to not get something done.

Below are just some of the acorns that have been bouncing around on our deck and our view up here on our hill.

Just tested again – down to 190 so, maybe I’ll stop being so nervous.

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  1. Into my 3rd year living alone (no, I don't like it one bit) and I Still get nervous. I avoid lows like the plague. It never works though.

    Love the pictures!! 😉

    Hang in there, you are doing all the right things…..paying attention.

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