Not so bad

After horrific numbers on Sunday, the last few days have been delightful. Just think, I’ll finally get this MDI stuff down and then start all over with the pump.

My biggest bugaboo is waking up in the morning. Now, – I’m tempted to just quit my job and stay in bed – think that would do it? I doubt it. I’ve been waking up between 80-100. How neat is that? Within an hour it’s jumped 50 more. It doesn’t help that I’m one of those weirdos who wake up at the crack of dawn. I’ve been just a little more aggressive at going ahead and giving myself one unit as soon as it jumps and not waiting until I eat. Seems to be working and gee, I feel much better – all day.

Confession – the treadmill has been folded up since August. We’re trashing and stashing and it was in the way, so we folded it up. And, I haven’t been on it since then. This weekend we got it put back – not an easy feat – and yes, I’ve actually used it. And, as expected, it makes a difference. I need to get a floor lamp near it so I can read while treading as it’s in a dark corner of the spare bedroom. It’s facing the window and the view is wonderful. Lots of chipmunks scurrying around and leaves falling.

I’ve been logging like a fiend. It’s a pain but yup, it helps me see what I’m up to. Plus, I’ll look good when I go to the pump appointments.

Pictured below is my “pump stuff.” Good grief that’s a LOT of stuff. It’s an Animas Ping and stuff.

We’re traveling to Easthampton, MA for a wedding this weekend. Should be fun as there will be friends there we haven’t seen in awhile.

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  1. Colleen,
    I see you have gotten the inset infusion sets too! I have them also, so if you need any advice or help, just give me a holler!


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