Try not to laugh. On Friday, at my first pre-pump appointment, I inserted the Inset for the pump, a Ping. The CDE told me to leave it in for the three days so I can see if I might have any skin issues. On Friday evening, I decided to tape the end of the tubing to the pump just to see how it feels, especially at night – sleeping. It’s been interesting. Sleeping was fine, hooked it onto some pj’s and slept fine. Next night I hooked it onto the underwear and that wasn’t as comfortable.

Tomorrow morning I will remove it. She suggested doing that while in the shower. I’m pretty good at ripping off a band-aid. I’m guessing this won’t be the same…

On Wednesday I have another appointment. This is a group class on “Advanced Carbohydrate Counting.” M is going with me as he is the chief cook and bottle washer here at our home.

On Friday we also discussed glucagon and ketones. In the past 4 years since my diagnosis, those topics have never been mentioned. Living in the boonies, I worry what would happen if I keeled over from a low. We do have an ambulance company in town and they do a great job.

An advantage of living in the boonies – no trick or treaters! And so, no big bowl of leftover candy to tempt me. Thank goodness!

5 thoughts on “Practicing

  1. Colleen,
    How exciting to have your first site in. Nice to have a little practice time before the real time.
    I didn't have any trick or treaters either. Last year a hay wagon came to my house and about 7 kids knocked on my door. I had some candy this year, but turned out not to need it.
    Have a great week!
    Molly and Dixie

  2. How wonderful for you to start pumping. I've been pumping for more then 10 years and I love it…happy pumping.

  3. Pulling a site off, the backing, is Much less painful than a bandaid, in my opinion.

    So exciting. You'll be a fantastic pumper in no time. 😉

  4. I've been offline lately and had no idea you were heading toward a pump! I'm still doing the Novolog pens and not ready for a pump yet. I can see my real estate getting used and abused so I'm assuming that step will eventually come. I'm going back to read up on all your preparations and I'm going to follow how you're handling everything so when I do hit the pump, I'll have some second-hand first-hand knowledge. Thanks, Colleen!

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