Got no time

Day Three – oh my, 27 more!

Today’s topic is time, more specifically, my time.

I consider my time fairly valuable, after all, I’m older than most of the d-bloggers and so, I’ve already used a lot of my time.

When I was younger, I guess I saw a doctor twice a year. One visit with the gynecologist for the yearly exam. Another visit with an internist for the thyroid check-up.

As I got older, it got even easier. After two pregnancies (and two sons), I went to a family practice where my doctor did the yearly women’s stuff and the thyroid. I know I didn’t realize what a charmed life I was leading as regards my medical needs or lack of needs.

Then, a little over four years ago, I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. (But the endo said he really thought I was a Type 1 Lada. Then said, the treatment is the same so we’ll wait a few years and then talk about insulin.)

I saw my doctor, I saw the endo, I went to the classes.

My once healthy self became not so healthy with blood pressure and cholesterol issues.
I lost weight, I exercised, I ate better and nothing helped.
After lots of blog reading, forum reading and Googling, I changed Endos, I requested the testing for Type 1 and next month I’ll start pumping.

I’m back to classes and CDE pump appointments – more time.

Investigating and choosing a pump – more time.
Spending hours on the phone with the insurance company – more time.
Reading how to’s (Pumping Insulin, pump manual) – more time.
Driving back and forth to the Concord office (about an hour each way) – more time.
I will not complain. I have the time and I have the motivation to take care of myself.

My theme song this week/month/year…

Good grief – and now Blogger has changed things around!

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