Going to school

Day Four

We just got home from one of my classes, Advanced Carb Counting. It was boring and it’s your fault, fellow d-bloggers. It simply amazes me when I think about how MUCH I’ve learned reading your ups and downs with diabetes these last four years. There were three PWD’s and two spouses. No one said a word, even when the educator was asking simple questions. Except us. By the end (an hour and a half) there was some conversation but, not much.

Oh well, live and learn.

As I’ve said before and will I’m sure, say many more times after my pump start, thank you to all of you who write about your daily lives with diabetes. It’s appreciated!

1 thought on “Going to school

  1. Gosh, my pre training, there was about 10 people. We were all vocal. Maybe it's the area, ha. 😉

    For the official training it was me and another guy for a couple hours.

    You're doing great. I am so excited for you!

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