My Elevator

Going up! Going Down!

Growing up, I actually remember using elevators in some of the fancier stores that had elevator operators. Usually a very pleasant gentleman and sometimes a pretty lady. The doors to the elevator would open and he/she would announce which direction the elevator was heading.

Today I played elevator operator by myself.

I over corrected a sorta low (59) and the elevator went up. The elevator is heading down now but why I am I sooooo stupid? The leftover Halloween candy in the office was just too tempting. “Oh goodie, I’m low, I’ll just have a couple of those.”

2 thoughts on “My Elevator

  1. You are not stupid. Blame diabetes. It's hard to control much when you are low. It happens. One number at a time.

    Roller coasters and elevators. Love the former, hate the latter. Hmmm. Maybe if they brought back nice looking gentlemen…ha. 😉

  2. Loved the video. I wish there was a store around here with stairs like that. I'd go every day just to climb the stairs, wouldn't you?

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