I forgot…

I forgot my Levemir injection last night… When I took my BG this morning, I had heart failure, then I remembered that… I forgot. I have an alarm set on my cell phone but, I shut the phone off while out last night.

It’s been an interesting day playing catch up with my numbers.

I’ve been wondering what would happen if I forgot. Now I know and will be counting the days until pumping starts.

It’s a bee-yu-ti-ful day here in NH! I even got out and did some work on the garden. It’s small but it was time to chop everything down to the ground so it won’t be too much of a mess next spring when the snow melts. Raked up some leaves and found some blooming pansies. We don’t rake the yard; we’d be out there until the snow falls. Eventually, the leaves all blow into the woods so it’s no big deal.

2 thoughts on “I forgot…

  1. The worst is when you can't remember if you forgot. There have been times when I have to stop and think, “Wait, did I inject or not?”

    We had the same warm streak here in Chicago. My alyssum started blooming all over again!

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