Two Fifths

Day Twelve – almost halfway! 12/30 = 2/5

This 30 day thing may do me in but I’ll keep plugging away. I did (finally) join NaBloPoMo, just haven’t gotten the graphic up yet.

Today’s treat was Blueberry Hot Chocolate and banana bread. I know, broke every rule in the d-book but oh was it tasty! (I haven’t had hot chocolate in 4 years.) I did bolus for both and think I did pretty well although I was still pretty high at lunch. I think I have delayed insulin reaction (wish insulin worked as quickly as carbs…). For lunch I had a turkey sandwich and bolused just for that, didn’t do a correction. At 4 PM, I was 64. Treated that and all is semi-normal now.

Work was a zoo. I had the computer guy there working on the server and having to use MY computer for about 4 hours, so I lost my office. Then the copier guy came to replace a part on our brand new copier. I didn’t get much done this morning. (That’s why the hot chocolate and banana bread sounded even better!)

I am logging and learning. I have to send my numbers in next week so the CDE can have the information for my pump start the beginning of December (Ping).

3 thoughts on “Two Fifths

  1. Nah, you didn't break Any rules. It's good to Enjoy food. Very good. 😉

    Frustrating when someone is in your office space. Hope all is taken care of so you can get back to it.

    Hooray for pumping!

  2. I have yet to decide if this NaBloPoMo thing is making me more inspired to post regularly and getting me back into the blogging groove – or if it is just going to kill me. 🙂

    I agree with Crystal – no rules broken, no diabetes police here!! With time you'll figure out the best way to dose for each food. Maybe taking the insulin a little longer before you eat will help it peak when your blood is rising. Or maybe an extended bolus for certain foods. It takes a while, so just keep making notes and trying one small adjustment at a time. Heck, if I could figure out how to bolus for pizza, you can bolus for anything!!

  3. A new word I'm going to look up: bolus. Interesting looking. I gather a little what it means by context. Anyhow, congratulations on day 12! What do you think so far? I'm not running out of ideas, just steam. I'm determined to make it through day 30, but I'm so looking forward to dull December! (Thanks for the nice compliment on my story.)

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