I’m Lucky

Friday the 13th
I never watched the movie. I’m not usually into scary movies. Back in the 70’s I did actually line up to see The Exorcist. Didn’t sleep well for nights after that. Who knew diabetes could be scarier??!!

Today I started thinking about bad luck (that was right after I drove by MacDonald’s and did not stop for a cheeseburger as one of our pregnant friends did this week – but she’s entitled, she’s pregnant). (Another d-blogger did not resist the temptation; hee, hee.) I resisted and then spent the next few minutes, while driving, thinking about how my life has changed in the past four years and how much more it’s going to change once I’m hooked up to a pump (Ping).

Once home I read Kassie’s post about her son, Jake, starting on the pump – and cried a little for Jake’s fear (and Kassie’s sadness) and cheered up when he overcame that fear (Alright, Jake!!!). I still remember reading her post about his diagnosis. I also reread some of the comments and emails where d-friends and even some non d-friends have been so encouraging and helpful.

I think I’m lucky. Yes, I have diabetes but I’m lucky to have the resources to take care of it, and that includes all of you.

In any case, click the video below for a short “Gloom, Despair and Agony on Me.”

4 thoughts on “I’m Lucky

  1. Luck is relative, don't you think? We are lucky, overall, and it's good to remember that. Thanks for the comment on my post, it helps to know that people understand!

  2. Great post. I'm not sure how I resisted the cheeseburger. I may give in this weekend. Oops. 😉

    For 22 years support like the D-OC eluded me. I feel SO blessed to have such great support at my fingertips.

    Happy World Diabetes Day!!

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