14th Day of NaBloPoMo
WDD – World Diabetes Day

Well, I blue it – forgot about the 2 PM BBT. We ate a late b’fast and so, a late lunch at 2. And I didn’t even think about it.

Most people know why today, November 14th, is World Diabetes Day. It’s the birth date of Sir Frederick Banting, the developer of Insulin.

Yesterday, among other errands, I stopped and bought a plastic container for the pump STUFF. Although I’ve lost half of a shelf in a linen closet, I feel better knowing I’m not as likely to have the pile of boxes tumbling out when I reach for one thing only.

I sent in my new prescriptions for more STUFF last week. Today I checked the website and everything I ordered is in the mail. By doing the three-month order and using mail delivery, I save $5 on each prescription. I was waiting to see if they’d question the test strips because I’m changing brands (from Accu-Chek to One Touch (for the Ping)) and the endo’s office upped it to testing 9-10 times a day. They’re sending 900 strips. That’s a lot of strips! I’m also getting my first glucagon kit and ketostix. I’ll order the insulin at our local drug store. Living in the boonies, I worry about it sitting outside while I’m at work. And, the butter compartment in my fridge isn’t that big.

No big blue buildings here. I did wear my blue shirt. I went no where so, no big statement from me. Oh well. I hope that those people who had events to attend had a great time and helped others understand Diabetes.

2 thoughts on “Stuff

  1. No worries. 😉 You wore blue.

    As far as the insulin sitting out, where do you mean?
    For years, with MDI, the insulin was Always in the fridge. I worried about going on the pump, it's just sitting in the pump, in the elements. But all is obviously fine.

    Breaking the seal and watching the expiration date are key, as you know. It's all good. 🙂

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