Still Learning

This blog was begun in July, 2005 but it wasn’t about anything in particular. I posted once that year.

In 2006 I piddled away at it, but it still had no focus other than posting some photos and letting family know how my dad was doing. There were five posts that year.

In April, 2007, I started to write about my diabetes and posted more. I made d-friends! I had comments! Not only did I find support for my diabetes education, but for my role taking care of my dad.

224 posts later (I usually post about once a week – except this month when I thought it would be fun to do EVERY day), I’m still finding the same friendship and support.

I don’t panic too much when my numbers are high. I know it can be a) normal, b) my mistake, or c) just one of those days.

My pump start is scheduled for 3 weeks from tomorrow. After finally getting my T1 diagnosis (only took 4 years and a new endo’s office), both my PCP and the CDE at the endo’s office asked if I knew anything about pumps and would I be interested. The endo’s office requires several classes, one of which is pump information. I got to skip that class. The CDE in the education office asked how I knew so much about the various pumps and I explained about the d-bloggers. I was waiting for some sort of comment like, “You really need to be careful with the information you get from the internet.” Instead, she was quite complimentary of my knowledge of pumps and pumping.

It’s nice being a d-blogger! Thanks for being a friend.

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