Blind Date in Three Weeks?

In about 3 weeks I will be hooked up. As I’ve been happily married for just over 35 years, no, it’s not a blind date. But now that I’ve written that, maybe it is.

My hook up will be my new Ping Pump. I’m not going to name it. All I can come up with is PP and somehow that just doesn’t make me smile, well, it does but still, I will not be naming the pump.

I can only tell you the name of one person’s pump and that pump is named Herbie.

This blind date still seems a little scary at this point. Will we get along? Will we communicate? Will it be a lasting relationship? Will it hurt???

This blogging every day has been an experience. I almost forgot today – eek!

Even worse – I figure I’m going to have tons of questions once I’m pinging and will be asking them on this blog (heaven help those of you who have given me your emails and have so generously written that I can bug you with my questions). If/when I blog these questions, I may be blogging even more. Yikes!

Just for fun – if your pump has a name and you’d like to let me know, please leave that name in the comments. Then I’ll have a post for the end of this month – pump names.

2 thoughts on “Blind Date in Three Weeks?

  1. “Ditto”
    I settled on it (first time I've named Anything related to my D) because of the Animas marketing on their website. It just seemed to fit. 😉

    Blind date, that sure is a good way to put it. My first Animas pump, I was So skeptical. The first day w/ the saline was no big deal, that night, sleeping with it and finding out it was TOtally fine, I felt all would be ok.

    So…all will be ok. And ANY questions, ANY, and any time of the day or night…email, definitely. The D-OC is here for you!! 😉

  2. Awwww 🙂 We LOVE our Herbie!!! 😉 Heehee!

    I can't help with questions about the ping but there are several Mommas on here that can. Wendy is one of them. Addy switched from Cozmo to the Ping so she could answer tons for you 🙂

    As far as names… you could always call him “Ping” LOL!

    I'll be watching for updates 🙂 Good luck!!

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