Insuring the pump?

Does anyone purchase insurance for their pump? This inquiring mind wants to know.

I’ve spoken w/ our insurance rep and insuring the pump would not be cheap. I know the warranty covers the usual mechanical stuff. I’m not a child who might leave it sitting at school someplace. We don’t go to the beach often, if ever.

Any thoughts?

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10 thoughts on “Insuring the pump?

  1. I would have never thought of doing that but after having my brand new cell phone stolen when my purse was stolen, I think it might be something consider seriously.

  2. Nope. Never even crossed my mind. The warranty is enough for me. The only time I disconnect is in the shower and when I'm working out sometimes.

  3. Kay – hopefully the pump will never be in my purse. Yours was stolen? – that's rotten.

    Molly – Yeah, that's what I'm thinking – thanks.

  4. Like the others, it never crossed my mind. I guess I just took for granted that we would always have it and that it would never be lost or stolen.

    Honestly, I don't see the need for insurance. I think the chances of it being needed aren't great enough to justify the cost.

  5. I looked into it because diabetes educator told me to think about it. I called insurance company. It was going to be an additional 360 a year or it. Its only covered if stolen from the house.

  6. Never crossed my mind but does sound like a good idea. I guess it all depends on which insurance company, how much and what they Really cover.

  7. Colleen,
    You are getting an Animas Ping. there is never a need to disconnect. I usually disconnect for a shower, only because there is no place to clip it onto. No need for insurance for something that is hooked to me 24/7.


  8. We were told to look into getting it because Kacey was a child. When I explained to our agent that she only disconnects when shes in the shower/bath then he said we really didn't need it. BUT…after Herbie deciding to jump and take a mini vacation when Kacey was at school the other day…it made me wonder if I need some other kind of insurance on him?!?!

  9. Hmmm, I never even considered it. Mine died one night, but the warranty covered replacing it. Although now I'm remembering that I did leave it hidden with my stuff by my lounge chair on the cruise ship when I swam – I suppose it could have been stolen then.

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