We are here, we are here!

The people of Who-ville had to scream, “We are here, we are here!” to be found. I think T1 adults need to do the same thing.
Cherise wrote today about the difficulty of finding information after her T1.5 diagnosis. I can relate to that. She also wrote about the exasperation in finding info/support for ADULTS with T1. I can relate to that, too. Finding anything about LADA, Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults, was even tougher. It’s like an invisible disease. It’s interesting, just like the children with T1 who become adults with T1, us LADAs, once we’re through with our honeymoon, also are adults with T1. I commented to Cherise that there have been times I wished I could borrow someone’s d-mom. I think it would have helped. Thank goodness for your blogs, along with DD and TuD!

I don’t go into the LADA/1.5 stuff anymore. It’s just too weird to explain. Although, when people find out I have diabetes, I’m awed by the standard reply, “You don’t look like a diabetic.” Ummm, just what does a diabetic person look like? I usually just respond that I’m an old lady with juvenile diabetes and drop it. TV ads for diabetes haven’t done any of us any favors. News reports about diabetes are even worse.  I’ve read blogs where parents are asked if they have given their children too much sugar (!#@!#@). I have friends with T2, they don’t “look” diabetic either, in my opinion.

On this 19th day of NaBloPoMo, I learned something new. I typed in the title for this, hit enter, and it published. I hadn’t written anything yet!

Tomorrow is Pump Safety class – except the CDE is seeing me by myself as the class isn’t offered for another two weeks – and so, it would take even longer for me to start on the pump. Today I received my new One Touch strips, a glucagon kit and ketostix. More stuff!

4 thoughts on “We are here, we are here!

  1. I had a NURSE tell me I looked “so young to be on insulin.” I was horrified.

    It does seem that JDRF is slowly attempting to include more “grown ups” with diabetes. I was an administrative assistant for a local office earlier this year and right before I left a memo was sent out asking for ideas on how to bring more adults into the outreach program. So I'm hoping they start shaping up soon!

  2. Here's to our online support. You can borrow my mom ANYtime. 😉 She would be so very Happy to help out.

    You are so, so, so very kind. Thank you SO very much for the card. Much appreciated. It brightened my day, I Truly needed it too.

    Here's to a future of in real life support for Any adult living with Diabetes, any type, all over the world. We need one another.

    So excited for you about tomorrow!! Soon enough…can't wait. Good luck and try to have fun with it. Learning is better when you make it fun.

    Thank you again. (TONS of HUGS)

  3. Colleen-

    While I was writing the blog post last night. I still couldn't believe the lack of support for adults with Type 1/1.5. Who knows maybe one day the ADA and JDRF may come around but I'm not going to stand around waiting:) I'm going to knock and while I'm knocking I'll figure something else out. Excellent post. Thank you for the mention.

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