Last day of pump school

Day 20 of NaBloPoMo

Had my final “instructional” visit w/ the CDE this morning. Learned a lot – what to do when low, when high, as far as dealing with the pump goes… We were there for an hour and talked the whole time and I have notes to go over.

On the day of my saline start (Friday, 12/4), they’ll also send me to the lab for a quick “stick” and I need to take my meter with me and test at the same time. Then they’ll let me know if the meter is calibrated properly.

I’ve been using Accu-Chek. Yesterday I received the strips for the One Touch and so – have used both on the same tests, just out of curiosity. The One Touch is consistently almost 30 points below the Accu-Chek. I’ll admit, the Accu-Chek is 3 years old, so maybe it’s ready for the trash. I have a new one so I’ll take that with me for the testing along with the One Touch.

I sent in two weeks of logs before the visit this morning. My morning numbers are weird. The CDE said they usually start everyone on a constant basal and do the tweaking after some time. She’s not going to do that with me.

Stopped at our local jewelry store and ordered a bracelet. It’s a regular bracelet; we’re adding a “medical” charm, engraved w/ just “insulin.”

Guess I’m “good to go.” Sure wish I didn’t have to wait another two weeks but, I will.

2 thoughts on “Last day of pump school

  1. Kay is right, on both accounts.

    I am SO excited for you!!! I really am. You are moving right along.

    I would like to see the bracelet. 😉

    My medical alert is a charm bracelet. The charm is in the shape of a heart, the medical alert symbol on one side, my name and Type 1 Diabetic on the other.

    Love the idea of just insulin. Maybe I will get another one some day and do just that.

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