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When I first found blogs, I’d save the address in my favorites and then methodically check each one to see if someone had posted something new. Then someone (I think it was AmyT – a couple of years ago) wrote about Bloglines and keeping your list there. It made my clicking simpler. Now I use Google Reader and Bloglines as I still don’t have all of “my” favorites moved from one to the other. I don’t have RSS and subscribe figured out… ?? I also keep up by checking on Diabetes Daily Headlines (Happy 4th Birthday to DD!). I am a member of that forum in addition to TuDiabetes and dLife, but I don’t post on forums often.

Recently I joined Insulin Pump Forums when I was choosing a pump. I found information there, in addition to the pump info available at TuD and DD. All were helpful and full of people who encourage and answer questions, even the simplest questions. I’ve found that for the most part, us PWD’s do our best to help others when asked. We’re also pretty diligent about stating that while a solution may have worked for us, it’s important to consult your doctor or whomever before following any advice.

So, my sincere thanks to all the bloggers and forum posters! It is pretty nice to find the info I need when I’m confused – and even better – to know that I’m not the only PWD who struggles. And even better, people who take the time to write/comment when I get something right!!

And just because it’s November 22; I’m older than most of you but some of you are my age… Where were you when JFK was shot? I was in the 8th grade, living in Yateley, England, attending school at Greenham Common AFB.

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3 thoughts on “Keeping up with the blogs

  1. I was in elementary school. One of the parents called in and said he'd been shot. We had a big old radio in the classroom, and just as the teacher turned in on, the announcer said, “ladies and gentlemen, the president is dead”.
    We all uttered a collective gasp, but being young kids actually had no idea of what had happened. She then immediately called a recess and we sent outside but nobody knew what to do – should we play or not? So we just stood there and when we came back in she had been crying.
    The most intense imprint on my memory is seeing the riderless horse on tv, leading the processional. What a powerful image.

  2. and I was at my desk at the U of Fla when the telephone rang. It was the wife of one of the graduate students asking for her husband, then she told me that the president had been shot. Needless to say there was no more work done that day! Everybody walked around and were afraid and some of us cried.

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