Six more days!

What ever possessed me to do this?? NaBloPoMo??!!

No Diabetes news today, although numbers stayed good even with a very small handful of M&M’s this afternoon.

This afternoon, M & I were chuckling about stuff the kids have done to us. A very favorite story… Many years ago with our second computer, we had internet (woo-hoo, Prodigy), and viruses were THE thing to avoid. So one afternoon, #2 son sat in the kitchen after school with his best friend discussing the newest virus with each other. Being the sucker/mother that I am, I listened while working in the kitchen. The two of them talked about this terrible computer virus, called the Garfield Virus. You would know that you had it if a picture of Garfield (the cat) showed up on your screen. You of course, know what happened. I went down to the basement/family room computer and found Garfield on the screen. Had heart failure, yelled for the boys, who could not contain their laughter as they came down the stairs and admitted they’d tricked me with a desktop photo of Garfield. (I didn’t know it could be changed – remember, this was 20 years ago.)

This summer, both sons – and it’s now 20 years later – pulled my leg again while visiting us. I went to use the laptop and the desktop photo was upside down – along with the icons, etc… Being the same sucker/mom that I was 20 years ago, I had heart failure. The youngest (yup, son #2) suggested that I shake the laptop like an etch-a-sketch to fix it. I can still hear them both laughing.

For being one of the “elderbloggers” I don’t think I’ve done so bad. I am on Facebook, I do have a Twitter account (very seldom used), and I actually produce a website for our church (where I work). There’s a whole lot I haven’t figured out yet. I’ve learned to ask for help and most computer whiz people are more than happy to give advice – kind of like us d-bloggers.

Ping Day Countdown – 13
NaBloPoMo Countdown – 6

3 thoughts on “Six more days!

  1. Tee hee, those sons sure like to pull one over on you don't they? Thanks for sharing those cute stories. But I'd say you are doing just great on the computer – for someone of any age!! Trust me, I've worked with people in their 20s who didn't know the first thing about computers. Go you!!

  2. Day 24! I feel much the same as you. Why did I say I'd do it, and WHY?

    Your boys seem to have a similar sense of humor as our whole family. You remember the April Fool joke daughter #2 pulled back around 1987 that I posted April 1!? Now that was something to have a heart attack about. Don't lose your sense of humor; you'll need it more and more as the years go by!

  3. You always amaze me.
    I was laughing over the etch-a-sketch. Imagining someone doing this. Tee hee! 😉

    November is almost over. Yeh!

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