No cat and no dinosaur. Am I really diabetic??

I’ve decided I can’t be diabetic as I don’t have a cat (too many links for that one!) (or a dinosaur). Works for me…

Yesterday was my first Thanksgiving with meal time insulin. And, I did darn good! I even had a piece of pie. ‘Twas yummy.

I’ve been using the Ping meter to determine my boluses (is that a word?) (guess so as spell check let it go). Only problem is, it can’t tell me IOB (or BOB, whatever!). I wrote the other day that I was looking forward to a bolus with no rounding up or down. Karen, our favorite knitter, commented that it was even better when doing a correction. Well, duh, I hadn’t even thought of that! Next Friday I start the pump with saline and on Monday, the real stuff.

The Ping meter is… hard to read. Yes, I’ve hit the button for more light but I’m going to miss my Accu-Chek. I will (of course!) continue to use my multiclix for all poking. The thought of having to put in a lancet each time I test would be annoying. Ummm, not that I change it that often…

I did not go shopping today. I have never gone shopping the day after Thanksgiving.

Three more days! I’m looking forward to my usual once a week postings. Ummm, unless I end up with a whole lot of pump questions…

Ping Day Countdown – 11
NaBloPoMo Countdown – 3

3 thoughts on “No cat and no dinosaur. Am I really diabetic??

  1. Okay, sounds like you are just going to have to get a cat!!!! 🙂 I think it's really cool that you are using your pump to figure out your insulin even though you aren't using it yet. You are going to adjust seamlessly to pumping because you are so ready. Of course, do post each and every questions – we're all here and happy to help!!

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