30 days hath…

30 days hath September, April, June, and November.
Thank goodness!
Two more after today.
I have to admit, it’s been sorta fun.

Time to haul out my Pumping Insulin and the Ping manual tomorrow. I’m not watching the Ping DVD again. It was nice but if I never hear, “Press Ok” again, I’ll be happy.

I’m looking forward to pumping. It’s not like I have years of injections to be done with. I started with Levemir last summer (’08), two a day, and Novolog this past summer. So I’ve only been doing the multiple shot thing for just a few months. I still have fears of using the wrong med at the wrong time. Almost did that one night before bed; had the Novolog Pen in my hand, even popped out the air bubbles and then (thank goodness again) realized it was the wrong color.

I’m not expecting miracles just because I have a pump. I’ve read the blogs and I totally understand that this is going to be work and a challenge. I also don’t expect everything to go smoothly. I know there will be some bumps but at least I won’t be (too) surprised.

So this Friday I begin pumping saline for three days before the insulin on Monday. I know there are people who are able to jump right in and start their pumps the week they get them. My “diabetes resources” are extremely limited and so I do what they ask. I like the gal I’ve been working with at the office. She’s low key, and I enjoy working with her. One of the things they will do is give me a pager number for the first week of pumping. One of the staff has the pager at all times and so is available for questions. She has stressed that I’m to call if anything comes up – the old “there are no stupid questions.”

Our sons spent Thanksgiving together – deep-fried two turkeys and sent photos. This year’s turkey looked gorgeous, unlike the first one they did three years ago (which they swore was delicious but gee, it looked pretty dark…).

We’re going to put up the Christmas Tree tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “30 days hath…

  1. You'll do it, like Kay says. Attitude is everything. We've started our tree. Hubby brought it up last night. Looks like it may take another day or two or three to finish it.

  2. You are almost through NaBloPoMo!
    You will So be able to handle the pump. 😉

    There is No stupid question, ever.

    Enjoy putting up the tree.

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