Feeding the hungry

Our small towns up here in the woods have our share of people having a tough time these days. A local church, not the one where I work, is now serving a dinner each week on Tuesdays. Our church is trying to help out by providing one of the dinners every couple of weeks. The church serves about 40 people each week. Some need the help, some are just lonely and enjoy being with others. This week I signed up for the salad. The tomatoes were on sale through yesterday, so M bought a bunch. We’ll (he’ll) pick up the rest of the salad fixings on Tuesday morning and we’ll drop off salad for 40 on Tuesday afternoon at the other church. If you have a chance to contribute to a food pantry, please do so. Even one can of soup, a jar of peanut butter, a box of cereal will help a hungry person.
Today and yesterday have been BG days from hell. I don’t know where the highs are coming from! I finally decided to toss my pen, as it was near the end. Used a new pen, tested later, and all was good. I’m so smart, right? One hour later (and no food) it was up (200’s) again. Shot again and it’s back near 100 now. Am I having fun yet?!
One more day of this 30 day blithering.

2 thoughts on “Feeding the hungry

  1. We have a church in our neighborhood that has a pantry and also does a dinner once a month. Our neighborhood association has made it one of our ongoing projects. If we go to eat and greet, we donate money. Otherwise, it's food and things like soap and paper products that they can't buy with food stamps.

  2. I think that's an awesome thing to do. We usually contribute a bag or two of groceries to the local Food Bank but this is a good reminder that it's time for us to fill up some bags and donate them now.

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