Firsts & Last

Starting with the last, first.

This morning was (hopefully) my final injection of Levemir. Tomorrow is my first Ping Day (for real)! I am more than ready. And I’m pretty sure that I’ll do okay. On Friday, when we started the fake stuff (saline) one of the processes they follow is to check your meter(s) with a lab blood test. I took three meters – the Ping, a OneTouch Ultra Mini and an Accu-Check Aviva (one of three that I own). After the lab tech did her thing, I poked three different fingers and did three tests, with the three meters. The CDE will have the lab info tomorrow morning at our appointment. The lab tech wanted to know why I was doing this. When I told her I was starting a pump, she told me that she has diabetes (Type 1, I asked) but had no interest in a pump. I showed her the pump and the inset and she was surprised. She’d never seen one. She’s now going to speak with the CDE to get more information.

Saturday morning, we had lots of turkeys in the yard. Our first snow storm arrived later in the afternoon.  By afternoon, the flakes started. By this morning there was almost six inches of fluffy snow. I didn’t do any shoveling so, it was pretty, it’s still pretty.

4 thoughts on “Firsts & Last

  1. I'm so excited for you to start “real” pumping tomorrow!!! You are going to do just awesome. And look at you, spreading knowledge of pumping to non-pumpers already. 🙂

  2. Best wishes for your adjustment to your pump!!! You've worked so hard to get ready thar I just know it will be a huge help to you and the transition will be smooth.

    As to your snow — keep it there. I don't want it in Ohio. LOL

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