So far, so good! Yippee!!

Eight whole hours of pumping with my Ping. One meal and one snack without injections. Yup, I think I’m going to like it!

I still think it’s going to take me awhile to get the hang of inserting the inset, but everyone assures me that it will be learned soon. Getting the insulin into the cartridge is a feat of nimble fingers, mine aren’t. But – I’ll get that too.

The office does a week of pretty close monitoring. I have to call in twice a day for 3 days with meter/pump/carb info. I’m supposed to eat normally but try not to do any fat heavy meals. I have to test at 3 AM. Ick!! Next Tuesday I go back and we’ll do any basal and/or bolus adjustments.

Two amusing predicaments – – –
This morning I was 180 as I’d had no Levemir last night. Did a bolus injection with my pen of 2 units, one for correction and one for my coffee, but forgot to enter it in the pump. One hour later, the pump alarmed (I was using it with saline) and said I hadn’t pushed a button in 10 hours. Five minutes later it shut down and said I had to prime. Did that and all was fine.
Next amusing happening. I’m all hooked up at the CDE’s office, everything is fine. Then the pump starts making a weird noise. I’m trying to figure it out along with the CDE. The noise started again. Ummm, it was my husband’s vibrating cell phone.

Thanks everyone for your encouragement!

4 thoughts on “So far, so good! Yippee!!

  1. Colleen- How exciting to finally be pumping after all the prep work you've done! Really nice for you to be writing about this experience because it will be fun to look back at years down the road.
    Hope that you had a smooth overnight pumping.

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