Ping – Day Three

I have survived and mostly enjoyed the first three days of pumping with my Ping. I’m sure that someday this will all be a fond memory (thanks, Molly!) but for now, it’s still somewhat nerve-wracking.

I really do have a wonderful CDE. In every phone conversation she’s been positive and complimentary.

I had to do my first site change this morning as due to two automatic shut offs, I had to prime twice and so primed out some extra insulin. I’m not very good at that yet – I either let go too soon and have to redo – or hold it too long and lose too much. I’ll get better.

We only wasted one inset – I put it on too soon, umm before priming and filling the cannula (Dumb…?). So started over. It’s in, it’s working. It took me forever but I’m sure I’ll get better at it, soon. I’m terrible at filling the cartridge w/ insulin – another thing on my “I’ll get better” list.

With all the checking, we’ve adjusted the basals just a tad. Changed the auto-off to 12 hours from 10 hours. I’m still checking in twice a day with the CDE.

Meanwhile – didn’t even go to work today as there’s a lot of snow and wind out there. The drifts are amazing! Photos later – too cold and windy to go out today…

Thanks for your encouragement!

6 thoughts on “Ping – Day Three

  1. Yay for Colleen! Seems like you're getting the hang of it pretty quickly. Day three and only a couple of “get betters?” That's pretty good, I'd say! Hang in there. Stay warm (we're in single digits in Chicago today, so I know about the cold!).

  2. Yeah….it just takes time. And practice. Be patient with yourself. It will get easier every day. But I bet if you asked, most pumpers will say it takes up to a year (or MORE) to really feel like you've got things running smoothly.
    It's bitter cold here today after getting lots of snow. The windchill is around -20 right now, and the temp is 4 degrees. Supposed to be bitter cold tomorrow too. Ugh.

  3. Colleen…WAY TO GO!!! You're doing a great job 🙂 We're not familiar with the Ping and how it works but I love reading about it so when the time comes for us to retire “herbie” then we'll know how things work. Keep the posts coming and keep up the great work 🙂 You still not going to name it?

  4. good luck with the training.

    and thank you for the lovely card, was completely taken aback. 🙂

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