Ping Replacement

On Wednesday evening, I tested, then tried to bolus. My meter said I hadn’t tested in 15 minutes. Hmmm. Shut it off, turned it back on and everything worked fine.
On Thursday morning, the same thing happened.
I called Animas. The rep was familiar with the problem, offered to send another one but we decided I’d keep an eye on it and call if it happened again.
Tonight, it did it again.
On Monday I’ll get a new pump and meter.
I’ve only been using it for 12 days.

Hope everyone in the snowy places stays warm tomorrow. I don’t think the snow is going to get to us, this time.

5 thoughts on “Ping Replacement

  1. Sorry that happened so early in your pumping experience, but pump software issues and/or failures do happen if you pump for long enough. It's definitely annoying when that happens though. Were you able to override it and bolus?

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