Too much fun with my Ping and a Question

Not a fun morning so far. Today was the day. New, replacement Ping pump and meter.

The new pump and meter arrived Tuesday but I decided to wait to do the switch until today, when I had to change the set anyway.

I’ve been able to put my pump settings on the Animas ezManager program so had a printout of everything ready. But, just for the heck of it, looked through the program and found I could upload and download from the pump. I did call Animas to check on this, first. Uploaded the settings from the old pump, saved them, and then downloaded those settings onto the new pump. Wow, that was easy.

Had to shut off (remove the battery) the old pump before I could “pair” the new pump and the new meter. I called Animas support and Margaret walked me through the pairing. All working!

Then did the cartridge/inset thing but – ended up with only 70 units due to the vial being almost empty. I decided that’s ok, I’ll just change in two days. (I made it through 3 days, barely!)

Everything is working.

Finally, breakfast. Tested and pushed the meter buttons to do an ezCarb. Guess what??!! Same problem. The meter says I haven’t tested in over 15 minutes. So I’ve called Animas, again, and let them know.

Meanwhile (this gets worse…)

I had the pump in a vest pocket (won’t do that again) and going through a door, the tubing caught and the inset popped right out. Darn (that’s not what I said…). Trying to shove it back in did NOT work. So put in a new inset.

Great numbers all day long, even with dinner. Did the combo thing, gave it an hour and a half (there were only 3 of us at dinner so it didn’t take too long to eat…).

A question – What do you do when the vial is almost empty? I had more insulin.
And, if you’re new to reading about my adventures, I’ve been pumping about 3 weeks, total.

2 thoughts on “Too much fun with my Ping and a Question

  1. Hate that you are having issues.

    Hope they fix the meter issue.
    It sucks pulling out an infusion set and no, no pushing it back in, ever.

    What do you mean but empty vial, of insulin or of the cartridge?

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