What did I do last year… never mind…

I haven’t done a year end wrap up, so this could be fun, maybe…

Nah, it’s not fun. I started going through my posts, and my year was good – but not worth subjecting you to another reading of it.

The eldest son arrives tomorrow for a few days. Our New Year’s excitement will include deep frying a turkey. He’s done several and so… I’m sure you just can’t wait for the pictures.

We may have figured out the communication problems with my Ping and the meter. While speaking with one of the Animas reps, I asked about the wireless modem (husband’s idea). Might be. So we changed the channels on the pump and the meter and so far… no problems (knocking on wood).

I did my first set change without sweating this morning. Almost perfect – forgot to wipe the top of the insulin vial with the alcohol swab but not bad overall. Did NOT pull out the needle when trying to take off the little blue needle cover (I’ve had to throw out three insets). REMEMBERED to peel off the paper so it would stick. I am getting better. I would have given up but for those of you who wrote and let me know that I would get better.

It’s cold here, real cold. Felt almost balmy today in the low 20’s. We lost electricity Monday night for about an hour, it was 3 degrees that night. May or may not get a bunch of snow on Friday, depends on which way the wind blows.

I’m back on my treadmill – makes a huge difference in the BG numbers (duh).

A sunset, taken Sunday night.

May 2010 bring us all a healthy year!

3 thoughts on “What did I do last year… never mind…

  1. I'm catching up my blog reading; made great progress on the office reorganization. I'll write about it one day.You bet that the treadmill makes a difference. Hope you'll keep it up! And have a great fried turkey tomorrow. I've never tried one myself. I think we're having scallops with chocolate almond cake for dessert. In the morning we'll be working at the homeless shelter. Happy new year!

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