First Basal Testing

Tonight I’m attempting my first basal test. I know, I know, you’ve all done them a gajillion times, no big deal. Well, just eating before 7pm is a big deal around here (we ate dinner at 5!). The nightstand clock is set for midnight, then I’ll reset it for 3am (if I’m thinking…). The office’s protocol is eat at 5, test at 9, 12, 3 and then 7. Under 70 or over 150 at 12 midnight or 3am, quit and do it again another day. The 9pm test has to be between 90 & 160 to continue.

The eldest leaves tomorrow afternoon. The house did not burn down during the turkey frying. Actually, the fryer melted a large circle of ice and snow at the top of the driveway. He and my brother kept adding snow under it so they wouldn’t hear about how they destroyed our driveway. The turkey was yummy. 13 pounds in a little over a half hour. That does not include standing around waiting for the oil to get hot. And we did two of them as we’ve had several requests for “tastes.” We had originally planned to mash some potatoes but said what the heck, sliced them up and fried those too.

Eldest son & me

We’ve had several inches of snow but not the foot or so that was originally forecast.

The Ping and the meter still have moments of not speaking to each other. Guess it’s not the modem but I’ll try another channel.

I see the CDE on Friday for my one month pump check up. No major screw ups – one yank out, three wasted insets, some wasted insulin (leftover on change day). I’ve stopped having heart failure on change mornings. I still have to have the directions in front of me but, I’m getting better, I think. Yeah, I know, it gets easier. I console myself with your encouraging words EvErY time.

7 thoughts on “First Basal Testing

  1. turkey looks yummy. I have a rotisserie (inside) and cooked a 12 pounder. It took longer that I expected, but tasted great.

  2. That turkey looks DElish! Glad your son made it in ok. Hope he makes it Out ok, this snow is INsane!

    Good luck basal testing. I haven't done it in a long time. Probably should.

    Overall you are doing So great! (hug)

  3. I got behind on my blog reading (and writing) so this is the first I have read about you getting a pump – now I am going to have to go back and read your previous posts to find out more.

    My brother's inlaws (where I always go for Thanksgiving) deep fry the turkeys and they are so good!

    The pump changes (and basal testing) will get easier – I promise.

    If you haven't ordered Pumping Insulin from Amazon, you should do that too – it really helps!

  4. Omg! That Turkey looks really good! Good luck on your basal testing; I've never done it before. I love seeing pictures of snow but geesh, I don't like living in it.

  5. You'll get there. I remember the days I had to give myself shots every Friday. I worried inwardly all week about it, so hoping I'd be able to do it without bleeding. Eventually I did MOST of the time. Sounds like your routine is much more complicated. I cross my fingers for you. I'm sure that'll help.

  6. Thanks for dropping by my blog, Colleen. I am new to blogging and new to managing diabetes for my boy. I am very scared when I think about it too much so I just do my best and try to accept the reality of it all. I will read your blog regularly now that I know you are “out there” and thank you for the insight into anohter life well-lived with diabetes.

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