A Few Firsts

I survived the basal testing – had to do two nights so the CDE would have a comparison. Besides the lack of sleep, it was ok. It seemed easier to stay up until midnight to test then, and then sleep until 3, test and awake again at 6. I don’t stay awake until midnight anymore so it was an experience. And two 3 hour naps just doesn’t make me a happy camper the next day. Oh well.

Yesterday, the pump beeped and shut off as I hadn’t pushed a button in 12 hours. Pushed the button and thought all was ok. It beeped again to tell me it wasn’t primed and so, no delivery. (*I can’t do the descriptive beeps like George!) I might have had minor heart failure but, thanks (yes, again) to all the d-bloggers who have written about everything, I knew this had happened to others. In any case, I called Animas, waited… (what’s with the British accent guy who thanks you for your patience??), and had Stella walk me through the process.

This morning was “change the inset” day. Noooo problem, right?! (this is what happens when you think you know what you’re doing). As I gently pried the inset off, it bled — and bled — and bled. Several tissues later, it stopped and I proceeded with the insert of the new inset. Slapped on some neosporin and a band-aid.

Off to Concord today for my one month pump check up. Meanwhile, Cigna has let me know that I’ve gone to too many education appointments and they’re not going to pay without an appeal.

And… I have some ezManager questions for Animas. I called last night. According to their website, they are available until 7pm eastern time. No, they’re not. So called just now, 9:15am, listened to the accent guy some more, listened to their “hold” recording, another message from the accent guy – and then connected to a message telling me to leave my name and phone number. Aack!!

In spite of all of the above, I am so very glad to have my pump. It’s made life easier and I know it will be simpler as I learn all the tricks.

4 thoughts on “A Few Firsts

  1. Hooray for surviving basal testing!

    Sorry to hear of the bad site change. Customer Service for the pump is FANtastic! As far as the software, they should get back to you soon! They always have for me. I've always had to leave a message but always got a call back.

    Good luck at your appointment!

  2. Sounds like you are dealing with the pumping bumps in the road very well. IMHO, pumping is much more work at first, but makes life so much more spontaneous and flexible after the first month or two. Keep up the great work!

  3. I'm glad your basal tests went well! I always hate doing those! They're so tiring!

    I also hate when infusion sites bleed. I've had them before and not noticed them until I see the big red spot on my shirt. Woops! Hahaha. But I always make sure I have some bandaids and neosporin when I take one out.

    It's great to hear that you are loving your pump. I know I don't know what I'd so without mine.

    <3 The other Colleen

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