Just Pinging Away

Seven weeks of pumping and it’s still good. NOT to say that I haven’t had a few issues, most my fault, some not my fault.

The insurance coverage is still up in the air. How fun is that going to be??!!

Inserting the inset continues to be my very fun moment every three days. It’s not fun to push the buttons on the inserter and feel it go in, only to find that it’s not stuck because somebody – umm, I guess that would be me… – forgot to pull the darn paper off so it would stick! Another goof was trying to shove in the cartridge before rewinding. Do you know that it’s almost impossible to get the thing in there if it’s not rewound? Do you know how much insulin gets pushed through the tube (and wasted??) but since you’re so intent on shoving the cartridge in, you don’t notice that insulin is oozing out of the cannula?

I am improving though, really. And I’m honestly, not usually, quite that stupid, really…

Meanwhile, the insurance company has decided not to pay for much of my pump training as I’ve exceeded their limits for education. The Endo’s office has written a letter for me so I’ll get to work on appealing their decision this week. I’m not on my own, as a church employee, the diocese handles all insurance and so the “in charge” person has asked me to send everything to her so she can start the wheels rolling. I still haven’t been billed for the pump – weird… I received it in October – weirder…

I’m still getting the random “You haven’t tested in 15 minutes” right after I test. Animas replaced the first pump that did that. I’ve let them know it’s still an issue but for now, I shut it off, turn it on and miraculously, it knows I’ve tested within 15 minutes. Yeah, weirdest…

Life is good. Haven’t had to shovel too much snow, yet. The power has stayed on, so far, for the most part. Haven’t slid down the road although there’s still time. And – I have been on the treadmill every morning! I don’t go very far, I don’t go very fast but I’m there and walking to the oldies. Below is my view from the treadmill, I can’t complain.

6 thoughts on “Just Pinging Away

  1. Lol…I smiled all the way through your post. I am glad the ping is working out for you. Hopefully, everything will get worked out with your insurance. I was starting to worry about you. You haven't posted in a while.

  2. Some very useful tips here, for when Frank gets one whenever…..! Another walking fan! So good for physical and mental health. You will see some posts on that from me this year, it's part of my work.

  3. Putting it another way, you're way over the hump now. It'll get easier along the way I'm sure. Attitude is everything (!) and you're way over par in that regard.

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