The O’s do NOT have it…

I watched. I swore. If the TV didn’t have so many cords I might have been tempted to throw it out the door.

Oprah and Dr. Oz have done such harm to those living with diabetes, types 1 & 2.

Several d-bloggers have done a superb job of writing about their disappointment with the show. Some PWD’s have left thoughtful responses at an article by Dr.Oz. (Thanks, Rachel!)

It could have been great and it wasn’t. And I think most of us knew that it wouldn’t be – even before the show aired.

I thought about parents with a diabetic child. I thought about friends with type 2 who do everything right to manage this disease and still struggle. Then there’s the LADA’s (me!) – some of us go through years of misdiagnosis. And, the former JD’s, now adults.

We’re doing our best and that’s the best we can do. Right?

Applause for us because, we are being the best we can be.

5 thoughts on “The O’s do NOT have it…

  1. Absolutely. The best I can do isn't much right now, but I'm still trying, still plugging along. Even if I can't reverse my condition – hardy har har.

  2. Well said. I spend a lot of time answering questions about this condition as so many people are genuinely curious about how it works and what we have to do to live. Shame on people like the researchers at Oprah and Dr Oz who have such amazing resources to hand and chose to misinform instead.
    Hope you and pump are still doing OK. Frank is doing very well this week. Single figures quite often. Feeling happy and that's a good feeling.

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