30 Days of Beauty – Day 1

It’s February. It’s cold. We don’t have much snow here, it all fell in Virginia. While checking in on a new friend, I read about “30 Days of Beauty.” The new friend is Jules. She, her husband and their son, Frank, live in East Anglia, England. She posted this idea and it sounds a lot easier than 30 days of November blogging.

“30 Days of Beauty.
It is the brainchild of Erin at http://www.bluebirdbaby.typepad.com/.
The idea is to find beauty for thirty days and to photograph it.
What a great idea for February!”

So, here is my first of 30 days of beauty.

Squam Lake, NH – January, 2010
The diabetes and pump stuff are ok this week… I’ve stopped eating cereal each morning, opting instead for 2 small sausage links along with 1/2 an orange or a banana. It seems to be helping with the dreaded numbers. The treadmill and I are continuing our daily relationship.
I’m not a fan of February but March will be here soon. Not that it won’t snow here in March but somehow it seems more bearable in the Spring!

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  1. I feel the same way about March. It's the beginning of the end of cold weather–usually! Last year was a little different. With weather you take what you get, right?!

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