TDB-Day 2

Day Two of Thirty Days of Beauty

Winter sunrises are gorgeous up here on our hill. They’re kind of a nice reward for getting up early. The photo below is from last year on February 15th.

I had a slice of pizza for lunch today, first pizza since the pump. I didn’t do great with the insulin/carb counting but, I’m still alive and 5 hours later am approaching normal bg. Back to my nice (but boring) lunches of turkey sandwiches on the Pepperidge Farm Light Style 7 Grain Bread, 9 carbs/slice.

4 thoughts on “TDB-Day 2

  1. I wonder what it is about the pizza? The fat in the cheese? The simple carb count plus the sauce? the sugar in the sauce? I'm just wondering if there may be some modification that could be done in order to enjoy pizza without upsetting things. I can hardly imagine not having pizza a couple of times a month at least!

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