TDB-Day 3

Thirty Days of Beauty – Day Three

Gray & cloudy today with a few snowflakes so my “beauty photo” today is from summer, 2003. These wildflowers grow all over in our yard. M (having lived with me a very long time) carefully mows around them so our yard looks funny but the wildflowers are gorgeous pockets of color.

New inset this morning (and yes, it’s getting easier…). Before disposing of the stuff, I happened to look at the needle and it was sort of bent (it’s straight, usually) (photo not my bent one). The inset felt ok so I made sure I had an extra in my bag, dosed, ate breakfast and went to work. When I checked, it’s obvious I’m getting insulin so I guess it’s okay. It’ll be interesting to look at the cannula when I remove it.

No word from the insurance company yet about paying for the pump training…

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