TDB-Day 5

Thirty Days of Beauty – Day Five

Monday off, what a treat!

I should be catching up on some of the clutter around here, but I’m not.
I should be entering some of our checks/charges/bills info into Quicken, but I’m not.
I should be doing something other than sitting at the computer, but I’m not.
In searching through photos for the “Thirty Days of Beauty,” it’s been a pleasant trip down memory lane, a lovely way to spend a day off.

Pumping with the ping continues without much hassle. Two months and a week or so, so far. I’m certainly not an expert but I do feel more comfortable using it. Most consistent mistake is forgetting to peel the paper off the sticky part of the inset. This time I knew I’d forgotten as soon as I pressed the sides of the inserter but, it was too late. So did it again, after pulling off the paper.

Snow in the forecast for tomorrow! I’ll try not to whine since it’s really, really needed up here by all the businesses that depend on winter tourists.

Meanwhile, today’s photo was taken August 13, 2008. I think I’d been complaining about the rain then. Oh well.

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  1. shouldn't but did! Ha ha! I could write this every day of my life. Why does this life phase dictate that I shouldn't have to or not do; didn't work when I was a kid, so why should it now? But it does. I'll be your partner in crime if you need one. Enjoy the snow.

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