Pumps for Children

It’s snowing again in NH. It’s rather amusing as most of the schools in the state closed this morning, before the snow started. Just like living in Virginia again.

I had an interesting conversation with someone who stopped at our office this week. While several of us were discussing the wearing or not wearing of shoes inside, I mentioned that I always keep my shoes on due to diabetes. She then mentioned that her physician was keeping an eye on her for Type 2. We discussed that along with me telling her how I was originally dx’d T2 but with tests, it was changed to T1. (She’s very thin.) I showed her my Ping and she told us that her 7 year old niece in Ireland has T1 but the family knew she wasn’t old enough to have a pump. I let her know otherwise and she left with web addresses for Animas and the Children With Diabetes sites to share with her sister. I’m not even sure which pumps are available in Ireland but at least they’ll get some ideas. (By the way, if we’re going to someone’s home, I bring clean shoes to put on in their home. We end up with a lot of sand and grit stuck to our shoes, up here in the winter.)

Another Day of Beauty photo. This one was taken in February of 2007. This is the road leading to our house. We live on the other side of the hill on the right. I totally enjoy our drives around here, even in the winter. It really is a beautiful place to live.

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  1. Hi, doing some catch up reading and thought I'd have a lot of unread posts here. Guess you've been busy as well. Can you provide an url here (or someplace) with the URL for the animas thingie. I'd like to share it with my s-i-l's stepdad in Germany. From what I hear, he'd be a good candidate. Thanks. Still like the pix. You do live in beautiful country.

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