It’s almost over, February

February has never – ever – been a favorite month for me. Maybe if I lived in the tropics but, haven’t done that so, it’s still not a favorite.

There’s a reason I haven’t done the 365 thing with photos. Back at the beginning of the month I began posting photos for “30 Days of Beauty.” Today’s photo is #7. I know I could never do 365!

It did snow this week. It even snowed enough that I didn’t go to work. Having access to my work computer and voice mail is a big help. The photo below was taken Wednesday morning as the snow fell.

Cigna has decreed that they’re not paying for most of my pump training. The HR person is working on it and feels confident that the training will be paid for. Meanwhile, the hospital billing office has let me know that it will go to “collections” by next month. The HR person doesn’t want me to pay anything until she’s finished working with them. Ask me if I’m having fun yet??!!
I’ve cancelled what was supposed to be a “pump checkup” appointment for next month and have gotten information about a local Animas Pumping Support Group. Local is a little over an hour away… The next meeting is in March so the weather will play a big part in whether I can attend or not (wow, 2 weathers/whethers in one sentence!). The RD/CDE who runs it has been very enthusiastic with her email notes and says it’s a great group of pumpers, so I’m looking forward to it. Other than you guys – the d-bloggers – I don’t know of anyone, let alone here in our town, who uses a pump.
And so, thanks for posting your ups and downs and great days with diabetes. There are BG’s where I might have headed to the ER but – I read and so, I know I’m normal. Diabetes is a pain in the ass but I can do this, thanks to knowing that I’m not the only one who considers it to be a PITA.

3 thoughts on “It’s almost over, February

  1. Love the photo — hate the weather. I heard the NE got a huge storm today — did it get you?

    We got some but not so much as we've had.

    I think your handling your PITA splendidly!!!!! You will prevail — I have faith!!!!

  2. Nice picture. Bad news about insurance. Hope the stress doesn't cause more problems. It feels awful, doesn't it, reading that “will go to collections”! Problem is it could mess up your credit rating. Good luck.

  3. I have just caught up with your 30 Days of Beauty. My goodness, what lovely pictures. That snow. Sigh.
    Thank you for you kind, kind words the other day. I gain such strength from this new online community.

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