I had my first “owie” inserting of the inset this morning. Serves me right I guess for being cocky and thinking I was really getting the hang of this. Shot the thing in and – it hurt. But no blood showing and actually it wasn’t hurting right at the site, more just an inch or so over. So I let it be, fixed breakfast and did the bolus thing. OW! And gee, did that hurt!

Pulled it out. It wasn’t bent. There was no blood.

And then Dopey (AKA – me…) panicked. How do I do this? – I just filled the reservoir! I know, duh. Called Animas, and Stella with the lovely southern accent, gently talked me through reconnecting with a new inset. I know, — it’s easy —- but at that point the brain (umm, mine) was not getting it. She said I probably got too close to some muscle and so, that’s why it hurt (and it really hurt!).

Meanwhile – my lunch today with the friends who have been so helpful for the past five years, was wonderful. I ordered pizza! I did the combo thing with the Ping and – yay! it worked. I wasn’t perfect but by dinner time was at 120.

2 thoughts on “Ow!

  1. Ow! I know all about it. I fight through the pain, watch my bg's then see if I need to pull it out. Darn muscle. The insulin going in, oh that sting!!! No fun. Glad Animas was able to help. You are far from Dopey! You are still learning. There are so many variables with T1. You are figuring it out. No worries!!

    Glad lunch went well! Woot! 🙂 Nice digit too.

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