Paid!! & Pumpers’ Support Group

Yup, they (Cigna) paid for the pump training and – will pay for further appointments! Definitely did a “Happy Dance” yesterday when the HR person called to let me know. Turns out – wait for it… – it was a coding problem. The Cigna rep was even kind enough to send me a note with the proper coding information.

I attended my very first Animas Pumping Support Group meeting this evening. And it was great fun! There were 8 of us and the Animas CDE. We met in a hotel meeting room in Manchester – a little over an hour from me. She provided dinner (and carb counts!) and we provided lots of conversation. I had sworn to myself that I would keep my mouth shut. I didn’t. I asked if anyone was familiar with the many online resources like forums and/or blogs. A couple of people mentioned TuDiabetes and one person knew of Six Until Me (but was perplexed as to why it is called that – not to worry – I explained the blog title). I then explained that I would probably have killed myself if I hadn’t found the blogs, that just knowing other people were going through the same thing made a humongous difference in my approach to diabetes.

Other than the New England Picnic that Bernard arranged two years ago, I haven’t met many PWD’s, let alone pumpers. It was fun to just sit around and chat with others who have some of the same issues.

Two great things in one week – wow!

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