Perfect Day & Pumping Question…

The sun is shining in NH. The snow is melting. The Lake Winnipesaukee “Ice Out” guessing has begun. I didn’t even wear my jacket today. Yay!

I counted carbs for the corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, carrots and soda bread last night (prepared by the husband who is the chef here) and – I survived. It was all so very yummy. Only ate one piece of the bread but gee, probably could have eaten more. Oh well.

Changed the inset this morning – before lunch was 99. After work – 89. That’s about as good as it gets, I guess. Believe me that I cherish days like this – unlike those where it hits 200 and I have NO clue how it got there.

And now – a question for the experienced pumpers. The Ping has a 200 unit reservoir. I use about 25-28 (more or less) a day. So, as of now I change out the whole thing every 3 days and put about 90 units of insulin in the reservoir. How many people fill the reservoir (all 200 units) and just change the inset every 3 days??? I know – “they” tell you not to but –

And – happy, happy – joy, joy!! Look what I found this week. Yup, it’s the daffodils! Yippee!! I don’t have a cat so you get daffodil photos instead.

And – in today’s mail, the next 3 month supply of strips… not nearly as exciting as the daffodils but…

I’m sure we’ll get at least one more snow storm but for now, between daffodils and one perfect day, I’m happy.

2 thoughts on “Perfect Day & Pumping Question…

  1. I fill my cartridge to the full capacity. I change my site every 3/4 days. I change site as needed, refill as needed. I don't always do “everything” at once. No way. No need.

    I say fill the cartridge all the way….see how long it lasts you….change your site every three days, leave the cartridge. It's totally fine to do that, least what I was told in my pump training almost 5 years ago. No issues, so….

  2. Hi there! I am so excited about your pump!! You are doing so great so far! In the beginning, I filled my reservoir and changed everything when it ran out (about every week w/ a 300 unit reservoir).

    But, when I got pregnant, I noticed that after three days or so, my blood sugars really did start to creep up. So then, I just started filling it up about halfway and changed everything every three days, mainly to keep me on track with how my days. BUT, if for some reason my site needs to be changed, but my insulin reservoir doesn't, I just change my site… I honestly think they say to change it ALL out because, well, it costs more that way!!

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