OK – Learned My Lesson, Sort Of…

Which lesson is that? That one (one of many I’ve learned and I’m sure, many more I will learn) would be the one about writing a post about a “perfect day.” I thought long and hard before writing that one. I really, really did not want to jinx myself. But, I did – or rather diabetes did. I’ve been thinking about it though and I think we all need “perfect days.” I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure I’d give up trying to… ahem… “manage this disease” if there weren’t days of sunshine and smiles and perfect numbers, every now and then. When I get a 104, I announce (to the husband, since he’s usually the only one here w/ me), “Wow, I could make a TV commercial!” And, I’ve thought some more (I know, it’s dangerous), that we need to write about the perfect days not just the OMG days.

So yesterday, after eating lunch out, I came home with a HIGH (300+) number. Pushed the Ping Pump buttons, drank water (and more water), and waited for it to come down – even switched the lancet as it hurt to poke the fingers. Ate a little dinner (meat/veggies), bolused another correction. Then, it started going down… and down – not terrible down but it did seem to be moving rather swiftly. There’s a juice box next to the bed and I even brought the meter back to the bedroom. Survived the night (yes, I got up once to test) and today has been better.

I can do this, we can do this – but it sure does get exasperating at times! But, you know that…

And on Sunday, look what bloomed!

They’re tiny daffodils – a gift last year that I planted and – wow –
they showed up this year!

It’s supposed to snow tonight, oh well…

6 thoughts on “OK – Learned My Lesson, Sort Of…

  1. So very beautiful. Sorry it's supposed to snow.

    Yes, Always celebrate the good! We must take the good with the bad, for sure.

    I just clocked in at 112. After 250s all day, I am smiling. 🙂

  2. I've had the curse bite me more than once. Every time I blog about how stable my numbers have been, they start jumping around like Mexican beans!! LOL But you are right. We should not fear the jinx. We should blog about the times it goes just right – even if that means the curse will make it go all wrong next time. 🙂

  3. I noticed the Cherry tree outside our bedroom has budded out in the last day or so! And all those favorite wild things I watch so judiciously for all of February and March are all set up with beds of beautiful green shoots. I'll see those blue and purple hues very soon now, I just know it. Nothing like promises made and kept by Spring, is there? Can it already have been a whole year????

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