April, finally

Up here in the woods of NH we are into what is known as “mud season.” And it’s muddier than ever due to all the rain that has fallen. Our next season is “black fly season.” The frost heaves have flattened out (much easier on the bladder) but parts of the roads are just crumbling away with all the water. Driving to work is like navigating an obstacle course.

After hopefully getting the insurance code issue straightened out – it’s still being worked on – I was able to contact the CDE I’ve worked with for my pump training. I sent her a couple of the reports from the Ping and she promptly emailed me with two slight changes – one basal and one IC ratio. And yay, it’s working! To be honest, I wasn’t that surprised. She’s good, very good. Hand her a sheet of numbers and she sees a whole lot more than I see.

For Easter fun – here’s a toy I bought my dad when he was in the nursing home. He was appalled but then realized that the staff loved coming into his room to see it.

Happy Easter to all who celebrate Easter! And may all your jelly beans be low carb.

3 thoughts on “April, finally

  1. Happy Easter Colleen. This season of renewal and rebirth reminds us that each day, even each hour, we are capable of new beginnings.
    Our new multi-million dollar outdoor baseball stadium opened yesterday, among a few drops of rain. TGhey are making a big deal about it and even though I don't feel right about the tons of money being spent, everybody needs a harmless passion to get excited about. (We lost, 8-4 to the Cards)

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