There’s No Place Like Home

We’re in Kansas, enjoying the spring weather and lots of restaurants. We have also celebrated my birthday with “our two sons.” We used to live here and it’s fun to be back seeing old friends. It is amazing to be in a “real city.” I have to keep reminding myself to watch for traffic signals (we only have three in our NH town).

So, how am I doing with the bg’s, etc… ? Not so bad considering what I’m eating. Not great compared to how I usually eat when I’m at home. It’s been a delicious couple of days and I’ll get back to my usual routine next week. The hotel has exercise equipment and an indoor pool. I’ve walked by them! Haven’t gone in them…

I also did NOT go in Krispy Kreme (but there’s still time…).
I did not have a piece of carrot cake at lunch today.
I have not had a bagel, muffin or doughnut from the hotel’s breakfast room.

Going home later this week will be good for me.

5 thoughts on “There’s No Place Like Home

  1. Good for you keeping your numbers down while on vacation!! I haven't been away since my diagnosis. Not sure if I'd eat anything. I'd have to bring my English muffins, Philly 1/3, and sugar free jam.
    So life goes on with D.

  2. Omm, om, uh! Krispy Kreme? So sinful. So delicious hot from the oil!!!! I'll be waiting to hear the outcome of this temptation. A real test to be sure, Colleen. Good luck.

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