Dinging w/ the ping

We’re back home after a week in Kansas & Arkansas. I know, not your usual vacation spots but with our two sons living there, that’s where we went.

It was my first time flying with the ping and a bag full of ping supplies.

I dinged at the walk through and then said, “I’m wearing an insulin pump.” The TSA agent fairly shouted, “Insulin pump over here. We need a female agent.” I felt like I was in the grocery line and someone was yelling for a price check. Oh well, it wasn’t crowded. Lady TSA came over and was extremely polite and the “wanding” was done. On the way home at KCI (Kansas City), I let the guy know before I walked through. He quietly said, “No problem. Walk on through.” I dinged and he said, “Insulin pumps are not usually a problem. Take off your watch and try again.” Watch went in the tub and I walked through, dingless.

Eating out, every day, was a new experience in numbers. I forgot my “carb book” and we bought a new one. Meanwhile, lost my reading glasses (just the cheap kind) and couldn’t read the book. Bought new reading glasses so I could read the numbers but still blew it a few times. (Found the reading glasses in our son’s car 4 days later.)
We walked more – and I’m sure that helped a lot.

HUGEST number occurred after my Denny’s breakfast with two pancakes and several hours sitting in the car. They were yummy. I did bolus but… not enough I guess. I survived and the pancakes were delicious.

We arrived home to much colder weather and snow!! as we drove home from the airport. Spring will get here, eventually…


Spring in Fayetteville, Arkansas.
Spring in New Hampshire.

4 thoughts on “Dinging w/ the ping

  1. How funny that it turned out to be your watch setting off the metal detector instead of the pump! LOL As for the breakfast high – I hear you!! We were in Boston on Friday and I made the stupid choice of a bagel sandwich for breakfast – followed by the 2 1/2 hour car ride back to Connecticut. Took me the whole trip home to get back down into range. Oh well – I honestly think we just need to go ahead and splurge now and again when we are on vacation!

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed the pancakes! You DID manage to say no to the doughnuts, right? You're my hero forever if you managed to pull that one off! Lovely to see the spring flowers. Snow dusting is a common sight here, too, the last couple days. As long as it doesn't kill my cherry blossoms and the apricots pull through, I can take it as it comes.

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