I learn so much…

Blogging about diabetes has been and continues to be a fascinating experience. In addition to all the good diabetes info (and I believe it’s all good, even when it’s not so good, because I learn anyway…), I’ve heard music that we don’t listen to, I’ve read stories/articles that I would have been clueless about. Movies, Fashion, TV, Twitter, Facebook – you name it and because so many of the (you!) d-bloggers are younger than me, it’s all part of life for you but – not so much for me. We love our life here, don’t misunderstand me, but getting to peak into lives so different from mine (ahem, younger?) is great fun.
The first year I blogged, I attempted to place a graphic (I think it was World Diabetes Day) on the sidebar – and couldn’t get it done for the life of me. I contacted a blogger who had the graphic posted and she graciously sent me directions that even I could follow. Thanks, Jillian!
Then I started Pinging – up here in the boonies – with NO one (PWDs) to talk to. What if I killed myself? What if it didn’t work? What if I’m too scared to stick this thing in my stomach? And you talked to me, I didn’t kill myself, it works and I’m not scared. I’ve made mistakes but so have you and you’ve written about them so, it helps. I was fairly calm when I had my first “gusher” since I’d read about it and so, I’m normal (well, sort of).
So, I can ping – I can sort of do facebook – I still don’t tweet but I read them (how else was I going to find out about BSparl?) – and every now and then I listen to something other than the oldie/goldie stations on the radio (when I can find one – nah, not a radio – a different station!).

Back in April, 2007, Sandra wrote to me: I’m really glad you decided to start a blog of your own. It’s a wonderful way to connect with others who truly understand what you’re going through.

Happy Earth Day! I was around for the 1st one – egads!

6 thoughts on “I learn so much…

  1. Thanks for the shout out! I love the D-OC for being the place where people are willing to help one another in whatever little ways. Good luck figuring out Facebook, they change it so much it's hard for even the veteran users to understand 🙂

  2. I so connect with your talk about learning. I am learning so much too! Even things I don't need to know about. 🙂 thank you for blogging

  3. Facebook isn't what I'd consider user friendly. At first it felt like being back in a crowded high school corridor during class breaks, but it's beginning to slowly grow on me.

  4. Hi Colleen!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, and for the congrats. Would you mind if I added your blog to my adult T1 list?

    Looking forward to reading more of your blog!

  5. Hi Colleen, good to hear from you. I hope your spring is going well.

    We lost two chickens to a critter last night! But otherwise the rest of the family is growing and well.

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